Wednesday, February 7, 2018

A Wrinkle in Time Book Club Sign-up!!!

*Deadline for entries is 5pm Thursday, February 15.
*Winners will be given their books by Friday, February 16.
*The matinee will be Saturday morning, March 10. Awaiting movie times to be posted.
*The book/film discussion date will be determined once the group is formed

Note: Any ANCS student, staff member or parent/guardian may join our club by reading their own copy or a library copy and paying for their way at the matinee. Just let me know if that is what your family intends to do.

The 15 middle campus students who are selected from this entry process will win a book, admission to the film and an $8 concessions credit. Selection is based on entry responses regarding a significant book the student has read. It should be concise, but meaningful. Shoot for around 100 words.

This is an example response - Ms. L's very own (108 words):

When I was nine years old, I moved to a new town and a new school for fourth grade. I had a difficult time time making friends and turned to books for company. It was then I stumbled across A Wrinkle in Time (by Madeleine L'Engle) in our school library. This was the first science fiction book I had ever read.  The idea of time travel and good versus evil blew my mind! I was hooked. I continued to read all of Ms. L'Engle's other books and started a lifelong quest in looking at my own humble place in the universe and learning about different religions and faiths.


Friday, January 5, 2018

2018 Spelling Bee

Don't forget the ANCS Spelling Bee takes place next Thursday, January 11 at 4:15 in the middle campus library. This is a great cross-campus event that promotes vocabulary, confidence and public speaking. Families are invited to come and support their spellers and peers.

Any ANCS student in grades 4-8 may join. It's not too late to grab a study sheet and review the words. Study lists may be picked up in the libraries on either campus, or Ms. Linahan can email a pdf by request.

The winner will go on to compete in the Atlanta Public Schools District Bee in February.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Galileo for Research

Below you will see two ways to utilize Galileo for a good start on research:

1) Accessing the RESEARCH STARTER from the main search page.

2) Accessing ENCYCLOPEDIA BRITANNICA directly from the list of databases.


1) To access RESEARCH STARTER, type your topic in the search box:

If there is a RESEARCH STARTER for your topic, it will be the first result. 
Next, try this........

2)To go directly to ENCYCLOPEDIA BRITANNICA, go to the Galileo home page and choose "Browse by Type":

Next, choose "Encyclopedias" from the list:

Choose either Middle or High School Encyclopedia. HS will give more info and Middle is geared to middle reading comprehension. Explore both if you like.

Once you enter your search topic see the side bar for further reliable sources.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

All-New Reading Bowl

Saturday, January 20
Middle Campus Library

After years of deliberation, I want to have our students and families involved in an event that is more interesting, creative and fun than what we have done in the past. Our reading selections will continue with books from the Georgia Children’s Book Award Nominees - and for all 25 listed, no matter the grade level. I am super excited about our new “bowl” and hope STUDENTS AND FAMILIES will join us in this day to celebrate the joy of reading. And pancakes.

  • For Students AND Families
  • Jeopardy-Style Trivia
  • Prizes
  • Book Discussion

Meetings will be held by grade level during Fridays at lunch. Participants may eat lunch in the media center to read and brainstorm or work on a book talk, book trailer or jackdaw.

Students will create at least one of the following, but may do as many as wanted for multiple titles. These will be shared as a displays/presentations on that Saturday:

  • Book Talk: A good book talk usually lasts 1-2 minutes. Your job is to SELL the viewer on why they should read the book - like an advertisement. No spoilers. Search online for examples.
  • Book Trailer: 1-2 minute video creation about a book. Similar to movie trailers. No spoilers. Search online for examples.
  • Jackdaw (Ms. L’s favorite): A jackdaw (also a bird in the crow family that likes shiny objects) is a collection of artifacts and items that represent what happened in a book - household objects, maps, photos, recipes, timelines - even music playing that might evoke that period. For our jackdaws you will need to provide 5-10 items and label them with how they relate to the story. There are not many good examples of this project online. Ms. Linahan will bring an example to a Friday lunch.

**Interested students and families should sign up with Ms. Linahan in the library or at