Monday, May 15, 2017

Summer Reading and Math 2017

See our summer reading here!

Here is the summer and math handout.

Book #1: Read at least one of the four required book options
Book #2: Read at least one of the other four required book options, the suggested reads or one of your own choice (must be a grade level book).

Please note, this list includes suggested grade ranges. A few books may be more appropriate for 7th or 8th graders. Links to more thorough reviews are provided. It is up to the family to decide.

Also, Amazon links are included for informational purposes. Books may be previewed, and other editorial reviews are available on this site. We encourage you to shop Little Shop of Stories and Barnes & Noble Edgewood, or utilize your neighborhood library, too.

Any questions, please ask.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Fact Checking

With "fake news" being the big news while I try to teach our kids how to search smarter, I was thrilled to hear about Google's new search tool. It is a feature to alert users of news stories that have been fact-checked by independent organizations like Politifact or Snopes. It is a useful way to verify if what you are reading has been verified as true or not.

In my excitement, I immediately searched Google for one of my all-time favorite urban legends, The Kentucky Fried Rat. Unfortunately, no fact-check tags popped up at the the top of my search. Instantly suspicious, I did some fact-checking research to be sure this Google feature was not fake news itself. What I learned was while this tag certainly doesn't apply to every search, it will apply to more relevant, widely viewed news articles. It will be interesting to see how this develops over time as more fact checks from different sources come into play.

For now, this is what you can expect when you see a fact-checked tag:

Recent "news" that some well-meaning Facebook friends urgently shared.

And for you informed reading pleasure, add a shortcut or bookmark to this Snopes category. All the latest fact-checks at your fingertips! (And, no, Malia Obama was not expelled from Harvard.)

GA Children's Book Award Nominees (and new Reading Bowl List!!)

It is always exciting to see what our Reading Bowl books for the next year will be, and it looks like we have a great crop to sow!

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Digital Literacy - SNAPCHAT

Today in AGP we talked about Snapchat, the current number one social media platform among our students (via random sampling).

As adults, we must navigate the slippery slope of technology development while keeping our young people informed and safe. The Snapchat Safety Center is a good place to review their policies and find other resources in helping teach kids social etiquette, personal security and the responsibility and accountability that comes with this tool.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Essay Contest - Deadline March 14

This essay contest, hosted by Scholastic Books and Major League Baseball (MLB) invites diverse students in grades 4-9 to write about overcoming diversity. 

Per the website: "Write an essay about a barrier that you have faced. Explain how you used one or more of Jackie Robinson's nine values—citizenship, commitment, courage, determination, excellence, integrity, justice, persistence, and teamwork—to face this barrier."

For more details, speak to Ms. Linahan. 

Final entries must be typed and saved as a pdf and will be uploaded by Ms. Linahan. 

Student Essay Requirements
1. Write an essay about a barrier that you have faced. Explain how you faced this
barrier by using one or more of Jackie Robinson’s Nine Values:
  • Citizenship
  • Commitment
  • Courage
  • Determination
  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Justice
  • Persistence
  • Teamwork
2. On each entry, include the following information:
  • student’s name
  • student’s grade
  • teacher's name
  • school name
  • school city/state
3. Limit one entry per student. All essays must be factual and based on the 
student's real-life experience. Fictional stories will be disqualified.

4.  Word Count Requirements:
  • Grades 4–6: 200 to 750 words
  • Grades 7–9: 500 to 1,400 words

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

2017 Spelling Bee

In January, ANCS will host a spelling bee at the middle campus for students in 4th-8th grade. This is the starting level of the Scripps National Spelling Bee and a great opportunity to hone spelling and vocabulary knowledge. Preparation can be done on one’s own or make it a family affair! The winner of the ANCS bee will move on to compete in the APS system bee in Feb

 It will be held Thursday, Jan 19, 4:15 pm @ ANCS Middle Campus Library.

Two optional practice sessions will be held Jan 5 & 12 from 3:45-4:30 at the MC Library.

Students/parents should contact Ms. Linahan to sign up and obtain a study sheet. 

Monday, December 5, 2016

Author/Illustrator Bryan Collier is Coming!

Author/Illustrator Bryan Collier is coming to ANCS Middle on Wednesday, January 4.

We are very fortunate to have this nationally acclaimed, award-winning artist visit us!

Read Ms. Hanson's blog for more details and see an interview with him here.

While he works predominantly with children's books, they are valuable works of art which can be appreciated by all ages. Stop by the media center to see a display of his work.

Books may be ordered and signed by Mr. Collier with this form. Return to Ms. Linahan with payment by Dec. 16 for your personalized copy.